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Flat Janet


Over in sktothemax, me, threebeats and maddethehermit are working on this project. We'll call it "the Flat Kinney" project. If you're in one of the Sleater-Kinney communities, you don't have to read this.

We initially came up with a Flat Carrie. Flat Carrie works pretty much like a Flat Stanley, or even like that gnome in Amelie [I have not seen this movie, but someone compared our project to that.] You get Flat Carrie/Corin/Janet for two weeks. You show her around your place of residence, your city, what you do, etc. She comes with a scrapbook, which you can write a note in, and enclose pictures of your adventures. You can even create friends/musical instruments/whatever for her and send them along to the next person.

We're trying to get these ladies all over the world. Flat Carrie is already on her way to the United Kingdom. So, distance is not really an issue, although the more people are in a specific area, the cheaper postage is for them. But don't worry, we've tried to keep them light. :)

If you're interested, please email me at! yes!

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