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we love janet!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
we love janet!

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S-K ICONS. [30 May 2007|03:18pm]



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Flat Janet [18 Jan 2007|04:57pm]

[ mood | excited ]


Over in sktothemax, me, threebeats and maddethehermit are working on this project. We'll call it "the Flat Kinney" project. If you're in one of the Sleater-Kinney communities, you don't have to read this.

We initially came up with a Flat Carrie. Flat Carrie works pretty much like a Flat Stanley, or even like that gnome in Amelie [I have not seen this movie, but someone compared our project to that.] You get Flat Carrie/Corin/Janet for two weeks. You show her around your place of residence, your city, what you do, etc. She comes with a scrapbook, which you can write a note in, and enclose pictures of your adventures. You can even create friends/musical instruments/whatever for her and send them along to the next person.

We're trying to get these ladies all over the world. Flat Carrie is already on her way to the United Kingdom. So, distance is not really an issue, although the more people are in a specific area, the cheaper postage is for them. But don't worry, we've tried to keep them light. :)

If you're interested, please email me at sunflower.faerie@gmail.com! yes!


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Happy Birthday to Janet!!! [25 Sep 2006|11:33am]

Everyone, do something cute today like eat a cupcake in honor of Janet's birthday!
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[30 Aug 2006|07:47pm]

I saw Quasi last week.

I filmed 2 minutes of Janet amazingness.


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[18 Aug 2006|02:22pm]

Sweaty KinneyCollapse )
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Hey guys! I have yet another S-K related project in order to help us work through our pain. Here's the basic idea: It's like a totally brilliant plan!

Like it says in the original post, the point of this zine about the final shows is to capture the S-K concert experience from ticket purchase to morning after hangover, and especially the capture the experience of the S-K fan community. This is why I would love it if you guys would photograph yourselves getting ready for the big shows, on your way to the shows, at the shows, on the way back home, etc. And don't forget to include a few paragraphs about the experience. Then either post about it at the sktothemax community, or send it to me somehow (soundoftheatlantic at gmail dot com; myspace dot com slash la_hija_justiciera).

Thank you so much in advance for your interest and participation! Can't wait to see and read about everyone's experiences!

(crossposted like whoa.)
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Quasi, Elliott, The Rolling Stones [06 Jul 2006|09:59pm]

This is perhaps the coolest thing ever:


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[13 Jun 2006|09:49pm]

I have breasts, and they get in the way of my playing sometimes.Collapse )

X Posted like mad.
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Because no one posts photos of Janet [05 Jun 2006|09:08am]

Janet in Glasgow

more behind the cutCollapse )

There are photos of the others on my website www.tootalltobeadwarf.com</>
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[10 May 2006|01:41am]

i want an s-k tattoo..
any suggestions??
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......what?! [07 Apr 2006|03:03pm]

Can someone explain to me why Janet is classified as a "grunge musician" in Wikipedia?
Also, why does Carrie have a picture,Corin has a picture, but there is no Janet picture?

Someone needs to fix this pronto.
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HI THERE! [04 Jan 2006|04:09pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hey, I'm new, but not new to loving S-K cause I'm part of most of the other related communities out there. Janet is rad. the end.

Now, you may have noticed that I did not mention Quasi in the above statement. This is for a very simple reason:I have never heard Quasi. I want to. A lot. But I am clueless as to what album to listen to first.

Could someone please give this poor soul some direction? "smiles"

oh, and I like making friends. a lot. :)

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[01 Nov 2005|01:32am]

Hi all, I'm new. Forgive the shameless self-promotion (and cross-posting), but for those who haven't seen it yet, I have a Sleater-Kinney news blog - 'tiny suns infused with sour' which is here: http://toiras.blogspot.com/
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[10 Oct 2005|02:41pm]

[ mood | calm ]

here's a janet icon i made
everyone is welcome to use, it didn't come out very good though... i appreciate credit!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[06 Oct 2005|02:51am]

Tonight in Newport, KY, Sleater-Kinney covered 'Mother' by Danzig! Has this happened before??
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Sleater Kinney in Manchester [05 Sep 2005|11:51am]

photosCollapse )

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scuse meh, newbie comin through... [10 Aug 2005|11:58pm]

[ mood | janet rules ]

hey all!
im TJ...just figured id join cuz...
i love sleater~Kinney, quasi and Janet.
janet is the best drummer ever and i adore her.
anyone wanna be friends???


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Sleater-Kinney + more @ ArthurFest Los Angeles [01 Aug 2005|02:03pm]

Arthur Magazine and Spaceland present:
1st Annual ArthurFest
September 4 & 5 (Labor Day weekend)
@ Barnsdall Art Park (4800 Hollywood Blvd, Little Armenia/Los Feliz area)

FMI: ArthurFest on MySpace

LineupCollapse )

Ticket informationCollapse )

AccomodationsCollapse )
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ArthurFest 2005 feat. Sleater-Kinney + more - Labor Day weekend! [30 Jun 2005|12:47pm]

Arthur Magazine and Spaceland present:
1st Annual ArthurFest
September 4 & 5 (Labor Day weekend)
@ Barnsdall Art Park (4800 Hollywood Blvd, Little Armenia/Los Feliz area)

Sunday, September 4
Sonic Youth, The Black Keys, Cat Power, The Juan Maclean, Comets on Fire, Sunn 0))), Sunburned Hand of the Man, Wolfmother + more!

Monday, September 5
Sleater-Kinney, Olivia Tremor Control, Merzbow, Dead Meadow, T-Model Ford, Six Organs of Admittance, Vetiver, The Modey Lemon, Brad Laner (of Electric Company, Medicine), Viking Moses + more

This will be a non-Clear Channel, non-Ticketmaster event.
Limited 2 day passes on TicketWeb (866.468.3399)

Tickets are also available at these retail locations:
Amoeba Records 6400 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles 323.245.6400
Sea Level Records 1716 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles 213.989.0146
Aron's Records 1150 N. Highland Los Angeles 323.469.4700
The Brat Store 1938 14th St. Santa Monica 310.452.2480
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[29 Jun 2005|03:20pm]

janet weiss looks like the home improvement mom.
can ya dig it?
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